Arangetram of my Students

"அறம் வென்றிட, அமைதி நிலவிட, மங்காத தமிழும் வாழ்கவென மிருதங்கமே முழங்கு!"

Arangetram of my Student´s Student

Some impressions of the Arangetram of my Shishiyans Shishiyan Dilaxan Tharmaseelan. I am very proud of my Shishiyan and best friend Ragulan Ramanathan who excellently taught his Shishiyan to perform an amazing Miruthangam Arangetram with great accompanying Artists, all born in Germany. Three Miruthangam generations on one stage within 13 years. 

My dream and hard work to keep our Tamil culture, language and education through music is what is making me proud. Therefore I thank Ragulan from the bottom of my heart for following the same passion.  

Hat’s off to all musicians and Dilaxan who played and accompanied excellently. My wishes and best of luck for your musical future. 

All credits, wishes and blessings goes to Madha Pidha Guru Dheivam. 

Thanks to my parents, brother and sisters and especially my wife Nila Senthil who always supports and encourages me ❤️ 

with love, 

Anushaant Nayinai Wijayan

2. Shankar Jeyanthinathasharma - 01.November.2015

"Shankar Jeyanthinathasharma is a wonderful Student of mine i am really proud of. His passion and interest towards  Carnatic Music is awesome. I am thankful to God and my Gurus to train and guide him to become a magnificent Mridangist, before that a fabulous human being."


We had a great time in India together to get more deeper into the roots of Carnatic Music and as well get special training by my Guru N. Ramakrishnan Sir. 


As my second Student he completed his Arangetram in Schwerte, Germany on 1st November 2015 with great success! 


Vocal: S. Saketharaman (Chennai, India) 

Ghadam: Nagushaanth Nayinai Wijayan

Ganjira: Ragulan Ramanathan

Morsing: Varnan Sureshkumar

Violine: Praveen Sarangan


Here are some Impressions of his Arangetram (Invitation Card, Banner, Booklet by and Photos by Senthil Photos) : 

1. Ragulan Ramanathan - 01.11.2008

Ragulan Ramanathan is not only a gifted Mridangam Student, he became more a very good friend of mine!


An hardworking, respectful and talented guy with great ambition in his Art.


I am proud to say that he is my first student who did his Arangetram under my guidance in Werne, Germany on 1st of November 2008.  



Beside Mridangam he is also a very good Ganjira player and accompanies many Concerts and Arangetrams.  


Selvalakshmi Bhojarajasarama (Vocal)

Maestro Prabavathi Ganeshan (Veenai, Chennai, India)

Nagushaanth Nayinai Wijayan (Ghadam)

Kowsikan Suriyakumar (Ghanjira)

Shanthosh (Morsing)

Pranavan S. (Violine)