My Inspirations

Guru Sangeetha Ratnam

S. Piranavanathan 

(Senior Shishiya of  Prof. A.S. Ramanathan)


Since 1996 my very first inspiration, my first Guru in Miruthangam, my first role model in Carnatic Music and life! 


He brought me up like a son and taught me everything about Miruthangam and Carnatic Music. I am thankful to God to have such a great Guru with an "unique" playing style and especially his "calming character".



Madha, Pidha, Guru & Dheivam!  



Guru N. Ramakrishnan (Chennai, India)


Since 2014 my inspiration! Guru N. Ramakrishnan from Chennai not only taught me special Miruthangam Techniques and Mathematical Miruthangam Notations, as well he taught me a lot about the way of life and human being. 



"It is not only important to be a good musician, before that it is important to be a good human being!"




Guru Yogarajah A.S. Ramanathan

(Sri Lanka) 



Yogarajah Master inspired me by his passion, ambition and soul! 


As the son of the legendary Mridangist Prof. A.S. Ramanathan, we evolve from these roots! 


Not only a great Mridangam Artist, he is a genius in inventing new Percussion Instruments like 

Dino-Cajon, Bheeman Drum, Ganjira-Drum.