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A small trial with an Adi Tala Korvai by Guru N. Ramakrishnan Sir applied on Adi with 3,5,7,9 Chapu pattern per each Akshara.

Aesthetic learning context at D.A.I. Tübingen

A self composed Mora in Adhi Rendu Kazhai based on Concepts and Sollu of my lovely Gurus

Spontaneous Thani (Kuraippu) last Friday at MERU - Violine Concert of Dr. Lalitha and Nandini Muthuswamy

Violine Concert with Dr Lalitha & Nandini Muthuswamy at MERU 

SaRiGa ´s second  Jam Session, enjoy! ;-) 

SaRiGa ´s Christmas Jam Session, enjoy! ;-) 

(Pls note that this is just recorded with our lap top) 

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Jam Session....Strawberry Jam Session.....SaRiGa Jam Session :-) 

Mora in Kanda Chapu on your left & Misra Jaathi Jampa Thalam simultaneously

Mora in Misra Chapu on your left & Kanda Jaathi Ada Thalam simultaneously

Mora in Rupaka Thalam on your left & Sangeerna Jaathi Jampa Thalam simultaneously